Parking Information

Downtown Parking
The majority of downtown parking has a two-hour parking limitation. This includes both City parking structures and the parking lot on 17th Street and Warren Avenue. 

Unlimited Parking Permits
Parking permits may be purchased for unlimited parking for our Jack R. Spiker structure located between Lincolnway and 17th Street between Carey Avenue and Pioneer Avenue, for the George R. Cox parking structure located on 20th Street and Pioneer Avenue or for the East parking lot located on 17th Street and Warren Avenue.

You can purchase a permit by filling out an application and delivering it to us at the Municipal Building, 2101 O’Neil Avenue. Permits cost $45 per month with a $20 deposit on each permit.

Daily Parking Permits
Daily permits for both parking structures are available for $4 per day. You may purchase these in the Jack R. Spiker structure on the corner of Lincolnway and Pioneer Avenue in the Transit office or at the Municipal Building, 2101 O’Neil Avenue in the lobby.