Water Resources

Granite Springs Reservoir

Our Water is Safe

Cheyenne's water is safe and meets or exceeds federal and local drinking water standards. Water treatment plant operators continuously monitor Cheyenne's water quality at the water treatment plant. This means highly trained water professionals treat and monitor Cheyenne's water 24 hours a day, everyday.

Water laboratory technicians sample and test water quality at Cheyenne's reservoirs and wells. They also test drinking water quality at the water treatment plant and at homes and businesses in Cheyenne.

We are very proud of the water we produce.

Granite Springs Reservoir - 5,320 acre-feet of waterConsumer Confidence Reports

Each year, we summarize the results of our drinking water quality monitoring efforts. This summary is called a Consumer Confidence Report. Click on the links below to see the report for each year.

We report our water quality to the Environmental Protection Agency in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.