Housing and Community Development Office Advisory Council

Membership Information
The H&CD office has a nine-member Advisory Council. Advisory Council members are solicited through news releases in the local newspaper that announce vacancies and through requests for people with an interest in helping our community’s very low, low and moderate-income residents. Membership applications are reviewed by the H&CD office Program Manager and presented to the sitting Advisory Council members for comment. Accepted applications are presented to the City Council for appointment to the H&CD office Advisory Council. Appointments are for a two-year period.

The Advisory Council’s primary role is to serve as a liaison between the H&CD office and community residents in receiving input on very low, low and moderate-income needs and between the Cheyenne City Council and community residents to express identified needs. During the H&CD office grant cycle, the Advisory Council oversees the grant process and makes recommendations to the City Council for funding. In addition, the Advisory Council conducts site visits and evaluations on sub-grantees throughout the year.