Do I need a water filter?

Deciding whether or not to use a water filter is a matter of personal preference. In making your decision, consider the following...

Why Filter?
Cheyenne's water treatment plant produces water that meets or exceeds drinking water standards. Cheyenne's water is safe to drink.

Chlorine - Cheyenne's Water Average is .8 milligrams per liter To keep the water safe while being piped to homes and businesses, the BOPU adds a small amount of chlorine. The chlorine protects the water from bacteria and microbes.

Some people find the smell or taste of chlorine objectionable and will use a filter with activated carbon to remove chlorine from the water. Other people may simply prefer to use a filter.

If you decide to use a filter, follow the manufacturers recommendations for maintenance and filter replacement. Improperly maintained devices or old filters can introduce bacteria to water.