Prevent sewer backups

BOPU employee inspects sewers pipes using a robotic camera

Sewer Backups are Preventable

Most backups occur in the service pipes belonging to the home or business and are preventable. To prevent sewer backups, do the following....
  1. Never pour fats, oils or grease down the drain.
  2. Never flush paper towels, wipes or feminine products.
  3. Start a root maintenance program.

Even if you do all of the above, a neighbor may not. Their actions can still cause a sewer backup in your home or business. Make sure your insurance covers sewer backups. Call your insurance provider and ask if sewer backups are covered.

wipes clog pipes
What Does the BOPU do to Prevent Sewer Backups?

  • The BOPU has a team of employees who inspect sewer lines. This team identifies sewer pipes that need repaired or maintained.
  • The BOPU operates three sewer jet trucks. These trucks use high pressure water and root cutters to clean sewer mains. Crews clean approximately 100 miles of sewer mains each year. The trucks also respond to sewer back up calls and are used to restore sewer flows.
  • Each year, the BOPU hires root control specialists to remove tree roots from Cheyenne's sewer mains.
  • BOPU crews routinely clean and maintain sewer lift stations that pump sewage from low elevations areas.
  • The BOPU replaces or rehabilitates 1.4 miles of sewer mains each year.