Clouds reflecting in clarifier Protecting Our Community
Cheyenne's sewer system protects the health of our community and protects the environment, every day.

Once water flows down the drain, it carries contaminants and bacteria that would be harmful to Cheyenne's residents, the high plains prairie and Crow Creek. That is why the BOPU operates two waste water treatment plants. Or, that is what we used to call them.

Today they are called water reclamation facilities. That is because the sewage treatment methods used at the facilities do more than just treat waste, they restore value and usefulness to water. And they do it by mimicking nature.

The water reclamation facilities use treatment processes inspired by wetlands and the sun. For example, instead of using harsh chemicals to disinfect, the reclamation facilities use ultra-violet light. All water that leaves the facility flows through rows of high-intensity ultra-violet light bulbs. This prevents bacteria and harsh chemicals from impairing Crow Creek and protects the fish, wildlife, and livestock that use the water.

Protecting your health and the environment, it's our job.