Storing water for emergencies

Why should you store water?
Disaster can strike at any time and can leave you without access to water. These disasters can incorporate a few homes, such as a water main break, or an entire community, such as a tornado or severe storm. One of the most important supplies to have is safe drinking water.

How much water should you store?
People need a minimum of one gallon per day to maintain basic hygiene, cooking and cleaning. The Federal Emergency Management Association recommends storing at least three days worth of water. So a family of four should store at least 12 gallons (4 people x 3 days). Increase the amount of water needed for people with special needs such as young children, nursing mothers or family members with illnesses.

How should you store water?
Since Cheyenne's tap water is treated, filtered, disinfected and has a residual amount of chlorine, it is a very good emergency water source. Store tap water in clean, air-tight, high-quality plastic containers. Label the containers with the date you filled them so you know when to re-clean the container and replace the water. Cheyenne's tap water will store for up to 6 months in clean, air-tight containers.

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