2013 Master Plan


Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the anticipated issues, concerns and needs facing Cheyenne's water and sewer systems during the next 10, 20 and 50 years. The BOPU uses the master plan to identify projects and operational goals that will help the BOPU continue to provide water and sewer services in the future. The plan also helps the BOPU prioritize projects and financially plan for these projects.


The BOPU's Fiscal Year 2013 budget included $1 million for the development of the master plan.


Started: November 2012
Completed: December 2013

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Volume Status File (size)
1 - Executive Summary  Final  Executive Summary (0.5 MB)
2 - Future Capacity Requirements  Final  Future Capacity Requirements (7.0 MB)
3 - Water Supply and Delivery  Final  Water Supply and Delivery (22.7 MB)
4 - Water Treatment  Final  Water Treatment (3.9 MB)
5 - Water Storage and Distribution  Final  Water Storage and Distribution (19.4 MB)
6 - Non-Potable Water Distribution  Final  Non-Potable Water Distribution (3.9 MB)
7 - Wastewater Collection  Final  Wastewater Collection (7.9 MB)
8 - Wastewater Treatment  Final  Wastewater Treatment (7.9 MB)
9 - Financial Plans and Cost of Service  Final  Available on request
10 - Technologies for improving work efficiency  Final  Available on request