Mulch Products Available

Buffalo Chip Compost
$0.78 per five gallons; $27.46 per cubic yard

Buffalo chip compost is produced from composted manure and stable bedding materials, leaves and grass clippings, and ground wood. It is used to increase water holding capacity and improve soil structure when planting trees, grass, and bedding plants. It is also used to top-dress existing turf grass, potted and bedding plants, and to provide soil nutrients, organics, and beneficial soil microbes. You can use it as soil preparation for new sod and transplants into beds or pots.

Double Grind Mulch
$0.47 per five gallons; $16.64 per cubic yard

For double grind mulch, wood chips ground extra fine. It is primarily used for livestock bedding and light mulch cover.

Double Take Wood Mulch
$0.89 per five gallons; $33.28 per cubic yard

Double grind wood mulch colored Rose, or kiln dried wood mulch colored Red. Colorant is non-toxic and safe for kids, pets, plants, and the environment.

Single Grind Mulch
$0.37 per five gallons; $12.48 per cubic yard

Wood chip mulch is produced from ground brush and limbs. It may be used as a decorative cover and to hold moisture and limit growth of weeds around trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Prepared Topsoil
$0.94 per five gallons; $32.76 per cubic yard

Screened topsoil blended with buffalo chip compost. It is primarily used directly in flower boxes, planters and pots, new sod, or seed areas. It eliminates the need for blending compost and topsoil.

Screened Topsoil
$0.78 per five gallons; $22.88 per cubic yard

Straight topsoil is screened to eliminate rocks, clods, sticks, etc.