General Information

Compost Facility Rules for Deposit of Materials
  • Commercial and large volume private loads (greater than 5 CY/pickup truck size) must obtain clearance and receipt before unloading.
  • Leave no trash. Empty all containers. A dumpster is available for disposal of all non-reusable containers.
  • Obtain license plate number to report any inappropriate activity to 637-6440. All information will be kept confidential.
  • Site manager reserves the right to refuse drop-off of any load.
  • If your vehicle gets stuck, we are unable to use our equipment to pull you out.
  • We are not responsible for any damages to your property due to road conditions.

Purchasing Compost Materials
  • There is a minimum purchase of $2.00 required.
  • Approximately 200 gallons equal one cubic yard.
  • One level, long bed, full-size pickup truck load equals 2.5 cubic yards.
  • We are happy to load all bulk volume sales into open top trucks and trailers with our loader.
  • No sales on Sundays  (May 1st- September 30th) 
  • No loading between 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. (Lunch)
  • Current prices are posted at the Compost Facility and may be subject to change

Method of Payment
Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.  Charge accounts may be established and are encouraged. Ask attendant for application.

Quality Certification
US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance
All compost is closely monitored and documented throughout the different stages of composting. Testing of finished compost is done routinely to ensure nutrient balances and overall quality. Compost products produced are certified to be weed and pathogen free. All products receive the utmost in care and attention in the commitment of quality.

Product availability: Not all products are on hand at all times and supplies may be limited due to seasonal availability and demand.