Using the Landfill

The City of Cheyenne Landfill is located at 1461 Happy Jack Road, about 11 miles west of town.

Free Disposal of construction demolition waste by residents of Cheyenne at the city landfill has been discontinued. Citizens may dump up to three cubic yards of construction demolition  waste, which was previously brought to the landfill, at the Solid Waste Transfer Station. Transfer station fees will be assessed. Loads larger than three cubic yards must be disposed of at the landfill. Landfill fees will be assessed. 

Method of Payment

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.  Charge accounts may be established and are encouraged.  Ask attendant for application.

Closure Information

If the wind reaches 30 mph at the Landfill, in accordance with DEQ Guidelines, the Landfill will close down. If the wind remains under 30 mph for more than one hour, they will re-open.

For closure information call:
  • (307) 632-8315
  • (307) 637-6288