Annual Review/Code Amendments

Once a year the City formally reviews and considers code and policy changes to the Unified Development Code (UDC) initiated by members in the community. This formal review is known as the UDC Annual Review. The purpose of this process is to address any formal issues or concerns regarding the code and to provide an opportunity to review the code in a comprehensive manner to keep it current and ensure its viability and responsiveness over time.   Staff is accepts feedback annually through January 31st.

A summary report of any formal issues and concerns regarding this code and received by Staff will be brought before the Planning Commission for acknowledgement at their February mid-month meeting. The Planning Commission may direct action, additional research, or investigation into elements of this code that may need modification.

Comments may be submitted online here or you may download and complete this downloadable form (Word Document) for delivery to the Planning and Development Department in person, by mail, or email.  UDC amendment requests for this upcoming year require submittal prior to January 31st. 

Past Completed Amendments
Ordinance No. Effective Date

3988 07/22/13 High Priority Quick Fix, 2013 Annual Review Highlights Staff Report
4000 10/14/13 Amending Table 5-1 regarding Animal Care - Hospital/Clinic and Animal Care - Kennel (Highlight) Staff Report
4001 10/28/13 Repealing & Re-enacting 2.4.2 - Annexations. Highlights Staff Report
4017 02/10/14 Adopting Election Sign Amendments Staff Report
4020 02/24/14 Amending Administrative Adjustments from 10 percent to 50 percent. Staff Report
4021 02/24/14 Adding Urban Loft Building Type. Staff Report
4024 05/12/14 Adding " alternative Compliance" option for front setbacks for detached and semi-detached dwellings. Staff Report
 4028  06/23/14 Adding Animal Care - Hospital/Clinic as a conditional use in the CBD  Staff Report 
4034 07/28/14 Adding an exception for irrigation systems in LI & HI districts. Staff Report
4039 08/25/14 Adjusting Point Values for Trees, Shrubs, and Grass. Staff Report

Amending the qualifying area for notification mailings for Sections 2.1.4, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.4, & 2.3.2. Staff Report
4084 08/15/15 Billboards Zoning District Clarification Staff Report
4085 09/02/15 Conditional Use Approval Applicability Staff Report
4086 09/02/15 Removal of Sunset Clause on Administrative Adjustments Staff Report
4087 09/02/15 Drainage Impact Studies Rewrite, Update, and Repeal Staff Report
4109 01/05/16 Increasing Maximum Total Lot Coverage Allowed in Some Residential Lot Types Staff Report
4110 01/05/16 Accessory Dwelling Units Staff Report
 4164  02/18/17  Subdivision Plat Waiver Process for Limited Lot Line Adjustments of Platted Properties
Staff Report
 4169  03/21/17 Consolidation of Residential Zone Districts to LR, MR and HR Zones
Staff Report