Development Services


Development Services coordinates the City’s development review process. In facilitating this multifaceted process, staff provides project guidance and review services to the development community, coordinates the work of various City review agencies, ensures outreach to interested citizens, and provides staff support to the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, and City Council.

The mission of the Development Office is to enhance the quality of life and natural environment in Cheyenne. We are committed to excellent community and customer service through timely and effective management of the development review process and aim to promote the cost-effective delivery of public services. Our goal is to implement a shared vision for future development in Cheyenne.

What’s New?

Clarify, Streamline, Improve (CSI) Initiative

CSI is the Development Office’s initiative to provide expedited services to customers. Our goal is to make the development review process as efficient as possible. Any new processes that improve the way we do business will be added to the CSI page.

Additionally, a part of this initiative is to actively publish progress reports measuring our performance and approval timelines. This will help us identify areas of delay to improve efficiency.

We’d also like you to help us improve the services we provide by completing our customer satisfaction survey. Your comments help us measure our commitment to provide professional and timely services. Head over to the CSI page to participate.

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