6th Penny Proposed Projects

The next 6th Penny election is scheduled for May 2, 2017. The Greenway is included on Proposition #5 for $3.8 million. $3M is proposed for capital improvements (Greenway expansion) and $800,000 for Operations & Maintenance. The Greenway Advisory Committee reviews project priorities each year. The nine projects illustrated on the map below are all high priority projects. It is not possible to accomplish all of these projects with the $3.8M requested. The results of an online survey and public meetings in April 2016 will be used to prioritize implementation over the next several years.

To view a detailed map of each proposed project, click on the project number. Salient points about each project are listed at the bottom of this page.


 6th Penny 2017 Overview


1.  Avenues ConnectorEvans Avenue to Airport Parkway (0.7 miles)
  • Completes non-motorized loop around airport
  • Provides alternative to traveling on attached sidewalk along Pershing
  • Provides direct access to new airport terminal
  • Preserves & utilizes mature canopy separating cemeteries from airport
2.  West Crow CreekMLK Jr. Park to Griffin Park (0.7 miles)
  • Continues expanding towards loop envisioned in original 1992 master plan
  • Serves as an amenity and gateway feature for visitors to Cheyenne
  • Provides non-motorized transportation corridor for FE Warren Air Force Base
  • Catalyzes redevelopment of Nob Hill
  • Future connections to Freedom Elementary & Happy Jack Road (State Bike Route)
3.  Downtown ConnectorAmes Avenue to 15th Street (0.25 miles)
  • Connects downtown to Crow Creek Greenway
  • Dovetails with West Edge redevelopment
  • Provides water quality improvements and green space at proposed redeveloped pump house area
4.  South Park Extension2nd Street to 5th Street (0.5 miles)
  • Connects South Cheyenne to Crow Creek Greenway
  • Panoramic view of downtown
  • Creates safe and accessible route through steep hill
5.  PowderhouseGardenia to Storey (0.25 miles)
  • Eliminates ¼ mile gap
  • Incorporates 1.5 miles of orphaned trail in the Pointe into the Greenway system
6.  ConverseGrandview to Masonway (0.35 miles)
  • Eliminates 1/3 mile gap & provides destination for Converse Greenway
  • Fits with concurrent roadway improvements (curb, gutter, drainage
7.  Dell Range Underpassat Dry Creek (0.25 miles)
  • Provides alternative to crossing Dell Range at Converse (busiest intersection in WY)
  • Ties Masonway and trails to north with Dry Creek Greenway
8.  Henderson Ditch Lincolnway to Union Pacific Railroad (0.67 miles)
  • Creates safe walking route for Lebhart School
  • Provides Greenway access to neighborhood with low level of service
9.  UPRR CorridorSun Valley Open Space to Dry Creek (1.95 miles)
  • Extends pathway towards a primary growth corridor
  • Creates future connectivity to Saddle Ridge, Dry Creek and LEADS Open Space
  • Provides opportunity to improve stormwater management in the Dry Creek Basin
  • Addresses part of original 1992 Greenway Master Plan


Avenues Connector Map West Crow Creek Map Downtown Connector Map South Park Extension Powderhouse Connector Map Converse Area Map Dell Range Crossing Underpass Henderson Ditch UPRR Corridor Map