The Traffic Division installs, maintains, and repairs traffic control systems on over 300 miles of City streets and alleys to ensure safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular movement throughout the City.

Services provided by the Traffic Division include:
  • Maintaining and repairing 122 traffic signals
    • Replacing bulbs, heads, and arms
    • Repairing and reset electric components
    • Reprogramming software
    • Performing inspections
  • Maintaining 20 sets of flashers
  • Maintaining over 6,000 regulatory, advisory, and informational signs
  • Installing new signs and street banners
  • Maintaining striping and road markings on City streets
  • Striping city parking lots
  • Performing electrical work for other City departments
  • Assisting with traffic studies
  • Reviewing traffic control plans
  • Participating on school safety committee
  • Reviewing development plans for traffic impact