Gymnastics Program

Cheyenne Gymnastics

The City of Cheyenne Recreation Gymnastics program, Cheyenne Gymnastics, offers a wide range of classes that teaches boys and girls basic fundamental gymnastics through advanced skills. Our facility is fully equipped for all levels of gymnastics. We provide a safe, positive and fun learning environment for children ages 18 months and up. Gymnastics teaches gross motor skills, balance, coordination and spatial awareness. It also helps develop good self-esteem, discipline, and determination. For more information, please contact our Gymnastics Specialist, Shannon Mitchell at (307) 637-6407 or email at

Class Name                         Age
Pre-school 1                         3-4                        
Pre-school 2                         4-5
Level  1                                6 and up
Level 2                                 6 and up

Registration Information – New and continuing students – Gymnastics classes are filled through existing student re-enrollment, openings are filled from a waiting list. For your convenience, please call 638-4363 for more information, to enroll in a class, or to be placed on a waiting list for future enrollment. Enrollment and payment are due the 20th of each month for the following month.

Class Details and Schedule – See the class schedule on this page for times, dates and fees. This schedule also includes days that we will be NOT be having gymnastics during the month. All classes are held at the Neighborhood Facility at 610 W. 7th St. Classes are based on a gymnast to coach ration of 8 to 1, pending coach availability. Class schedules are subject to change based on enrollment.

Private Lessons – We will be offering private lessons at $30/hour. A private lesson is designed to help with a specific skill/s: back hand springs, back tucks, front tucks, aerials, cartwheels and back walk overs on beam, kips on bars, etc. Get with your desired coach and set up a private lesson today!

Please call (307) 638-4363 or contact us by Email for more information.