Informational Maps

In 1993 the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County established the Cooperative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program to benefit the member agencies, government agencies, private industry, and the general public.  The Cheyenne City Council and Laramie County Commissioners adopted Resolutions in 1998 to establish the GIS Program as a means of organizing GIS efforts and coordinating the development of the Program.

The following are links to useful maps to provide information relevant to the citizens and developers within the Cheyenne region.   The Cooperative's main page, as well as links to additional maps, can be found at the following link:  

Please click on the image or map title below for more information. 

Informational Maps  

info map
City Information Map
This map provides information regarding a property's zoning; inclusion in special districts such as the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), a Historic District, or the Core Permit Fee Waiver Area; as well as general zoning and addressing information.

Gen Info Map
 County Parcel Viewer
This map provides detailed information for City and County properties.  This map shows whether or not a property is located within City limits, relevant platting information, zoning, addressing, and features links to County assessment and tax information.

Greenway Map

Utilize this map to find out where existing Greenway Multi-use paths have been developed

Metropolitan Planning Association Maps and Plans
This interactive page includes a variety of information regarding plans and studies completed by the Metropolitan Planning Association (MPO).

 Floodplain / Flood Zone Maps
Utilize this map to see if your property is located within a flood area as defined by FEMA and the City.