Kiwanis Community House Fees and User Categories


Non Profit - Must possess a non-profit ID number to qualify.
Private - Not qualifying as a non-profit organization are private users.
Commercial - Making profit at their rental is commercial.  For Commercial rates, call (307) 637-6423.

Category One Room / Hour One Room Maximum / Day Two Rooms / Hour Two Rooms Maximum / Day
School/Non Profit $40 $520 $80 $1,040
Private $50 $650 $100 $1300

Renters shall place a refundable damage deposit with the Programs & Facilities office that matches their rental fee but not to exceed $250. The damage deposit does not represent a limitation for damage caused by users.

Please contact the Programs & Facilities Division staff regarding refund policy.

Facility Capacity

One Room
Complete Room
260 people standing 520 people standing
208 people seated 416 people seated
125 people at tables 250 people at tables


The office opens at 7:30 am.  There is normally a line for the busy summer months, so we suggest getting in line early.

For more information contact us at (307) 637-6423 or by Email.