Lifeguard Training

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

  • Participants are responsible for to attend all classes and activities to successfully pass the course.
  • All lessons will be held at the Cheyenne Aquatic Center, unless otherwise noted.
  • Lifeguarding Books can be purchased at the Cheyenne Aquatic Center or downloaded from the American Red Cross website


Participants must successfully complete all 3 pre-course tests in order to attend the Lifeguarding Class.

1. Swim 300 yards / meters continuously using these strokes in the following order:
  • 100 yards front crawl with good coordination.
  • 100 yards breaststroke with good coordination.
  • 100 yards of either the front crawl or breaststroke.

**Goggles may be used for this portion.

2. Participants must swim 20 yards / meters using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive to a depth of 10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound diving brick, return to the surface and swim back to the starting point with the object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps, within 1 minute, 40 seconds. **Goggles may not be used for this portion.

3. Participants must tread water for 2 minutes without use of their hands. Hands must be placed in armpits and head kept above the water.

Age Requirement

To be certified by the American Red Cross participants must be 15 years old before completion of the class. Participants may be asked to provide documents confirming their age at the pre-course: drivers license and/or birth certificate are valid forms of documentation.


The City of Cheyenne Aquatics Division is hiring certified lifeguards. The starting wage for lifeguards is $9.50 an hour. Applications can be picked up at the Human Resources Department of the City of Cheyenne at 2101 O’Neil Ave. For further information about Employment call 637-6455.

Course Fees

American Red Cross Certification Fee $35
"Lifeguard Training" Book $30
Pocket Mask $12
 Instructor Fee $73 
Total For Class $150

Each participant must have their own copy of the Red Cross book to read at home before and between classes, as well as their own pocket face mask. In addition, have paper and pencil / pen for taking notes, and a swimsuit and towel.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Lifeguard Course:

No current classes scheduled.

 Lifeguard Challenge Course:

No current classes scheduled.

If your current lifeguarding certificate is about to expire please call and reserve a spot in the next available class (307)-637-6455. You will need to be prepared to take both written lifeguarding tests and pass with an 80% and successfully complete 3 in water skills/scenarios. Cost is $75.00.