The RequestTracker is a tool that can be used to report your concerns to the city. It can be used for reporting street lights that are out, potholes, or other concerns.
ADA Requests 1 Forms
BOPU Water and Sewer 5 Forms
Construction Management 1 Forms
Employee In-house Requests (Facilities) 3 Forms
Garbage/Trash (Solid Waste) Services 2 Forms
General Requests or Concerns 5 Forms
Nuisance, Code Enforcement (Long grass/weeds, junk/trash, snow on sidewalks, farm animals w/in city limits, junk vehicles on private property, roll offs (dumpsters/storage containers) in the streets 2 Forms
Parks and Cemeteries 4 Forms
Parks and Recreation 4 Forms
Storm Water and Drainage 3 Forms
Street and Alley 8 Forms
Traffic Signals and Signs 2 Forms
Transit 2 Forms
Tree and Shrub Concerns 1 Forms
Zoning / Development Services 1 Forms